1st-8th Grade Boys and Girls Basketball Skills Camp (Nov 8)

Girls basketball Skills Camp Nov 8

1st and 2nd Grades 8:30-9:00am Old Gym
3rd and 4th Grades 9:00-10:00am Old Gym
5th and 6th Grades 10:00-11:00am New Gym
7th and 8th Grades 11:00-Noon New Gym

Boys Basketball Skills Camp Nov 8
7th and 8th Grades 8:00-9:00 New Gym
5th and 6th Grades 9:00-10:00am New Gym
3rd and 4th Grades 10:00-11:00am Old Gym
1st and 2nd Grades 11:00-11:30am Old Gym

Basketball Games (Times to come)

November 15, 22

December 13,20

January 10,17

1st-6th Grade Basketball is ran as a booster club fundraiser and 7th and 8th grade basketball is ran as Enterprise City Events


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