5th and 6th Grade City Basketball League Take Championship

Enterprise City Comeback Kids

The Enterprise City 5th and 6th grade all-star basketball team started in early January and they have had a good season so far winning most of their ball games by 20 points or more. The kids have been practicing 2 days a week and have been working on high school plays and conditioning has been key for this team. The coaches this year are Duke Randall and Roy Adams and the biggest game on their schedule was the Parowan tournament held this past weekend on Feb 7th in Parowan, Utah. The 5th-6th grade teams and 3rd-4th grade teams entered the Parowan tournament on Saturday.

Enterprise city Basketball 3

The tournament was double elimination and the 3rd-4th grade team played South Sevier first and lost 20-38. They next played Milford and also lost 24-27 and this sent the young team home early. (photos below)

The 5th-6th grade team played North Sevier first at 10am and looked a little nervous settling in. Enterprise tried to hang with North Sevier, but they were not confident in their shooting and they lost 36-40 to North Sevier. Enterprise had to take the long road in the loser bracket with a short break and then if they wanted a chance at the championship game they would have to play 4 games and then the championship game. While North Sevier was able to take it easy for a couple games.

Enterprise was up next to play against Beaver who struggled early in the tournament and Enterprise could not get their shots to drop and thank goodness that Beaver had a harder time with their shots going in. They fought back and forth all game and Enterprise made a couple big shots late and they won 28-21.

Next up for Enterprise was Milford and they beat Milford by 33 points in the regular season. Milford was looking good and without Mathew Bowler Enterprise’s strong center not present it appeared they would be going home after this game. And just in the nick of time Mathew Bowler showed up and gave his team the confidence they needed and Enterprise went out and took care of business. Mathew didn’t get much playing time to start out, but having him just being there sparked the team and gave them the win 41-22.

Next up was the same team North Sevier that took care of Enterprise earlier in the tournament and this time they had Mathew Bowler in the line up. Enterprise came out shooting and took care of North Sevier in no time and won 49-17. The North Sevier coach was as calm and collected as any coach I had ever seen. I talked to him after about why he didn’t scream and put down the players like most of the other coaches are doing at this young age. He said “I was told that a coach yells at his kids when he has nothing else to say. These kids beat themselves up enough already”. I was very impressed and appreciated his attitude on making sure he teaches his kids to ensure they want to continue playing sports. I have seen too many of these coaches that compete with Enterprise put their players down, and scream until their are blue in the face. There is a time and a place to teach your kids and help them and that is called “practice”. If you didn’t do your job in practice, yelling at them in the game isn’t going to fix your problem. Thank goodness Enterprise has great coaches that are patient and willing to learn from the game.

Enterprise was up once again back to back to back and now against the Parowan team who only played a couple games and took the winners bracket road being undefeated so far. Enterprise was exhausted but had enough energy to compete. They were coached to keep going even when tired and it was paying off as they took care of Parowan 42-32.

Next it was the championship game. Parowan had only one loss to Enterprise and this Enterprise team has been doing outstanding work in the last 3 games and they were now getting ready to play their 6th game today. It was all about their conditioning and their determination now. Enterprise scored early and kept the lead even though Parowan started shooting lights out and gained on the Enterprise team. Enterprise had enough to keep them ahead and win the ball game 39-32. Enterprise took Gold, Parowan took Silver and North Sevier took Bronze.

It was a great tournament put on by the city of Parowan. They were great hosts and really made sure everything ran smoothly and that the kids had a good time.

Enterprise city Basketball 24 Enterprise city Basketball 20 Enterprise city Basketball 1 Enterprise city Basketball 16 Enterprise city Basketball 2 Enterprise city Basketball 4 Enterprise city Basketball 7 Enterprise city Basketball 14 Enterprise city Basketball 11 Enterprise city Basketball 17 Enterprise city Basketball 3 Enterprise city Basketball 18 Enterprise city Basketball 6 Enterprise city Basketball 12 Enterprise city Basketball 8 Enterprise city Basketball 15 Enterprise city Basketball 5 Enterprise city Basketball 13 Enterprise city Basketball 22 Enterprise city Basketball 19 Enterprise city Basketball 9 Enterprise city Basketball 10 Enterprise city Basketball 21

Enterprise2day Photos by Parker Holt


3rd and 4th grade all-star photos

Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 8 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 7 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 3 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 1 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 10 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 4 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 2 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 5 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 9 Enterprise City 3rd-4th grade 6

Enterprise2day Photos by Truman Fowler

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