Apple announces new iPhone 7

Apple held their much anticipated September Keynote for the launch of the iPhone 7. Rumors have been flooding the internet with the design and functions of the new phone.

The conference opened discussing Apple Music and the 17 million paid subscribers. Our entire family is on Apple Music and use it all the time.


Did you know that the Apple App store has over 140 billion apps downloaded? And the major contributor is games. The app store has more than 500,000 games to choose from. One of the newest games announced at the Keynote was by Shigeru Miyamoto the father of Mario with the first debut of “Super Mario Run” coming in time for holidays 2016.
Apple is also very focused on helping schools with their ConnectEd program that allows them to work with 4,500 schools. They also are teaching everyone to code with “Everyone can code” program.
So what’s big at the Keynote this year besides the iPhone7? That would be the Apple Watch Series 2.
Apple watch is now the number-two watch brand behind rolex and the top selling smart watch.
Series 2 watch debuts with “swim proof” which makes the watch water resistant up to 50 meters. The biggest adjustment Apple had to engineer is allowing water into the speaker and then the vibrations push the water out to make it water resistant. It also gets dual core, built in GPS, watchOS3, and a 2x brighter display. The watch also gets new colors, a ceramic new face option that is stronger than stainless steel, and Nike jumped on board to create a Nike Plus version. Trevor edwards president of Nike discussed the new Nike Plus and said, “this is your perfect running partner, its  journey we are on together with exciting things to come.”
A big app release for the watch will be Pokemon Go coming later this year. Pokemon go has been downloaded 500 billion times far, so why not bring it to the watch.
What is the watch going to cost you?
Apple Watch series 2 starting at $369. Pre-orders begin September 9th and they are available September 16th. The Nike Plus is also starting at $369 but won’t be out until late October.
If this price is a little out of your range, you can purchase the Series 1 (the original watch) that received a dual core upgrade will be priced at $269.
With all the excitement of the new phone it needs a new operating system. iOS10 is being released on September 13th which includes lift to wake, siri updates, quick type keyboard, redesigned maps, home automation updates to home kit, and big updates to messages with effects, stickers, and payments all in messages.
The iPhone7 is finally here and it did not disappoint. The new phone comes in jet black, black, gold, silver and rose gold. The headphone jack is gone and replaced with stereo speakers. It has a more responsive home button, it is water and dust resistant (ip67 protection standard) and the camera has been upgraded. The six-element lens with high speed sensor that is 60% faster and using a flash try -tone with 4 led’s that lets in 50% more light. It has an optical image stabilization, with a f/1.8 aperture at 12 mega pixels. The facing camera is a 7 mega pixels camera. The battery life has been improved, and now carries the a10 Fusion with a quad-core processor.
What will you do without the headphone jack? The new lightning headphones come in the box, also included is an adapter for older 3.5mm headphones. You can also pony up $259 and pick up the new AirPods which look like the Apple certified headphones with out cords. They last 5 hours on a charge using the new w1 chip, and have a siri option when the pods are in your ears.
The new iPhone7 starts out at $649 at 32GB and the 7 plus starts out a $769 with 32GB. Pre-orders start September 9th and phones will be available September 16th.
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