Bagel: The Tape Measure made Smarter

With the first patent filed over 150 years ago, the tape measure has been the standard tool for measuring both length and distance. The advance of technology has upgraded the way we measure weight, temperature, and time. However, no such advancements have been forthcoming for the tape measure, until now. Bagel is the world’s first smart tape measure offering three different ways to measure length and distance. Bagel also helps categorize and organize these measurements.

Bagel measures length and distance in three unique ways. In string mode, Bagel works like a standard tape measure with a pull-out string. In wheel mode, the wheel can be rolled over any curved surface. Finally, in remote mode, an ultrasonic sensor can be pointed towards any target up to 5 meters away. In all of these modes, the measurement is shown on a digital display. With its pull, roll, or point modes Bagel can measure any surface precisely.

Measurements can be tagged with voice memos that will automatically be converted to text to allow for simple organization. Up to 100 measurements can be saved at a time to create a measurement database. These measurements and voice memos can be sent to smartphones wirelessly via Bluetooth through the simple push of a button and categorized on Bagel’s application.

Bagel’s functions lend themselves to a variety of applications including in the fitness, fashion and construction sectors. For fitness, Bagel’s application can store a log of body measurements that enables the user to keep track of their fitness progress. Instead of relying solely on a highly variable measurement such as weight, Bagel can track changes in body size. This progress will be displayed on a graph and can be shared amongst friends.

In the fashion sector, Bagel can provide up-to-date size measurements thereby preventing returns that plague an industry that has shifted to online shopping. Using the measurements listed by online retailers, users can find the perfect fit before purchasing. Also, the developers of Bagel are working with virtual reality platforms that will enable users to create 3D avatars of themselves. Utilizing these avatars, users will be able to try on different clothing from various fashion brands and see how they fit. 3D renderings can also be used to create virtual blueprints of homes. These 3D blueprints can be outfitted with virtual furniture based on the measurements provided by Bagel. These are only a few of Bagel’s potential applications.

Bagel is available on Kickstarter

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