Bantam Wrestling (Shoe & Singlet Exchange)

Bantam Wrestling

Shoe & Singlet Exchange

We will be having a shoe and singlet exchange onTuesday Feb. 5th & Thursday Feb. 7th. Everyone is welcome to participate.

How it works: 

Bring your shoes and singlets that don’t fit anymore. If they fit someone else, they can buy them from you.


4:30 pm for younger wrestlers.

5:30 pm for older wrestlers

What you need to do: 

Make sure that your (full) name is on any item you want to sell. Also you need to put on them how much you want to sell them for. Easiest way is to write your name and price on masking tape and to tie the shoe laces together so that shoes stay in pairs.

I will be at the table and will collect the money for you and give it to you at the end of the exchange. (I will record your name, item sold and for how much in a notebook.)

If you have any questions you can call me. I will put off ordering new singlets until Feb. 11th in case some of you find what you need at this exchange. New singlets will cost approximately $37.

Questions: Karisti Gardner / 231-2926

For more details on the Bantam Wrestling click HERE


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