Beauty and the Beast Continues to Clean Up at the Box Office

After breaking all Records in March with $174.4 million, Beauty and the Beast continued to dominate at the box office with their second straight weekend win. The live action fairy tale adaptation faced off three newcomers this weekend, Power Rangers, Life and CHiPs. The Disney blockbuster easily won its second weekend in a row with an estimated $88.3 million.

1 Beauty and the Beast $88,347,000 total gross – $316,952,887
2 Power Rangers $40,500,000
3 Kong: Skull Island $14,425,000 total gross – $133,502,238
4 Life $12,600,000
5 Logan Fox $10,145,000 total gross – $201,455,596
6 Get Out $8,681,010 total gross – $147,499,045
7 CHiPs $7,600,000
8 The Shack $3,785,000 total gross – $49,072,044
9 The LEGO Batman $1,970,000 total gross – $170,841,252
10 The Belko Experiment $1,807,025 total gross – $7,577,590

Photo courtesy of Disney Studios

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