Better safety and road design at Hwy 18 near Diamond Valley Dr.

Diamond Valley Dr. and State Road 18 intersection just 20 minutes outside of St George has been a dangerous intersection that has claimed two lives in a short period of time. Diamond Valley residents have voiced concerns over this intersections for a long time and are now getting their voices hear.

Susan Reeve created a form on ipetitions to create better safety and fix the road design and that has gotten the attention of Walt Brooks a Republican member of the Utah House of Representatives, representing District 75.

Brooks said, “We already discussed some improvements they most likely will do, but they had another addition that I think will provide better visibility. In addition to LED’s on the stop sign, street lights, better lane striping, and adding a turning lane, they believe raising the road elevation from Diamond Valley to the highway will help give the visibility needed for vehicles entering the highway.”

UDOT engineers are working on plans to improve the blind curve. “I have family who use this road daily. It needs to be improved,” G Yori Ludvigson


“My daughter travels this road two to three times a week and I am physically ill until she makes it home safely,” Heather Day

“Fix this area to save lives. Lose the confusion and have vehicles slow down. Put up signs and maybe small speed bumps. Let drivers know that people have died in this are,” Joseph DiVitale


“I am in favor of a safer solution. It is understandable that at one time the intersection met the needs of the community. That time is past. I appreciate that it is being discussed and that action is being proposed. Please follow through and help us make this intersection safe. Please let me know how I can assist or be involved.” Ryan Davis

“Over 5 years ago Washington County School district informed us that the buses would no longer pick up our children. We live on the hay farm a mile north of the Diamond Valley turn off. They cited safety concerns as cars were not stopping for the buses picking up our children. Since that time I have had to make multiple trips into Diamond Valley each day – 2 to 3 times in the morning (because the buses to the intermediate school and the high school have different pick up times and I have to take my youngest to the elementary school at yet a different time) and again 2 times in the afternoon for pickups.

In all those trips I have had many experiences where I was either in or going into the left turn lane (heading south) when cars heading north have crossed into my turn lane and I had to swerve back out of the turn lane to avoid an accident. I have had several close calls. Even turning in is problematic as you are required to “swing wide” around cars who are trying to pull out heading south.

Because there are so many cars turning left (heading south) in the morning and inching way past the stop sign (just so they can see oncoming traffic), it makes it very difficult to make a right-hand turn because you can’t really see cars heading north because of the cars blocking the view,” Wyn Staheli

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Diamond Valley and the surrounding communities need your support to get the intersection fixed. Sign the petition HERE

Photo by jacob barlow

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