Carolina is on Track for Super Bowl Victory

Carolina Panthers defeat Seattle Seahawks in the NFL divisional playoff (AP Photo/Mike McCarn)

Carolina Panthers had the most exciting first half against the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional playoff game on Sunday in Charlotte, NC. Amidst all the excitement the Panthers held on to survive 31-24 with a scoreless second half. The Panthers have the best record with 16-1, but in order to get to the Super Bowl game, they need to prove they can play all 4 quarters.

Setting a game into cruise control proves to be an amateur move and will not turn out well against the Arizona Cardinals who survived a big win over the Green Bay Packers. Arizona saw the Packers earlier in the season win with a big play over the Lions using the same big play that put them into overtime. The Cardinals need to step up on defense, especially the secondary needs to stop the big plays if they want a chance at the Panthers.

Carson Palmer is a solid quarterback that is laced with poor decision making in the post season. They can count on the run to bail them out of their offensive hole, but they need to find away to bring the pass back into their game if they want to survive one more week.

Our pick is on the Panthers to take the Cardinals and to hoist the Championship Vince Lombardi trophy with a win over the Broncos in Super Bowl XLIX.

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