CES 2015 Top Home Electronics Ideas

CES 2015 is always full of the latest technological breakthroughs.  Some really are breakthroughs, but most are simply ideas like shooting stars; brilliant for a moment, but soon fading into the night.  The following are some of the most interesting home electronics on the floor.  Not all of them are ready for you to order, but a few might find their way onto your shopping list sometime in the future.  Follow me @bthelin for CES updates this and every year.

1- iStickPro – This is a USB stick drive that works for your smart phone and computer.  We could all use more storage on our phones, but do you want to carry around another device to hook-up to your device to move files around?

CES 2015 iStickPro


2- Samsung NX 1 – Samsung is adding features to its cameras to detect when to take the perfect sports picture.  Hopefully this type of technology will stop the hundreds of photos we take at every game in search of one photo that we can put on our wall. http://samsung.com


3- LG Washer – LG Inverter DirectDrive Washer with two washing areas and connects to your smart phone (#LGGFlex2).  I’m sure we would all love to have our phone tell us when our laundry is done. http://lg.com

LG Washer 2015 CES

4- LG Projector – LG HD projectors that fit in your pocket.  They are battery operated (rechargeable) and look great. The real question is will they look great or like the view master projector we received for Christmas when we were little?  http://lg.com

LG Projectors CES 2015

5- Grid Connect – GridConnect smart grid for the rest of us. Monitor & control power without rewiring.  Now you can find out what is making your power bill stay in the stratosphere.  .

Smart Outlet 2015

6- Home to Nature – Not everyone likes to eat bean sprouts.  But for those who do, there is nothing worse than the daily routine to keep them growing.  Home to Nature is creating a device that will take of that automatically. It even tells you when they are ready to eat. .

Home to Nature CES 2015

7- Nova Photos – Is the flash for your smartphone not doing a good job?  Nova Photos has bluetooth flashes for your smartphone that change intensity & color to give your great photos.  Hype or real results?  The market will tell us.  If you see them for sale in the next few years, they might be worth a try. 

Nova CES 2015

8- Rotimatic – Make flatbread automatically, from scratch, about one per minute. Pretty tasty and completely impractical.  But for those young programmers at Google who work all day and night, need a quick snack, and have a lot of money with no one to spend it on, this is a great option. 

Rotimatic CES 2015

9- TrewGrip – A keyboard and mouse solution that enables typing and navigating without a desk.  Initially made for nurses and hospitals, this type of technology could also be used for navigating on smart TVs and other devices in the home of the future.  

Trew Grip

10- Gas Watch – With wireless communications between your propane and your phone, never be caught by surprise when your grill is out of gas.  I’m not sure if it will make any different though.  I’ll ignore the alert on my phone just as easily as the little gauge on the propane tank.  

Gas Watch 2015 CES

11- Svalt – Cool your laptop and get crazy efficiency with this desktop stand for your laptop.  Who knew that if you keep your laptop cool, it can run faster and with fewer problems?  

Svalt CES 2015

12- Sutro – For pool owners, Sutro automatically tests your pool chemistry and orders what you need. 

Sutro CES 2015

13- Narrative – Do you have a hard time taking pictures of the things that happen in your life?  Get the small little clip-on device that will that chronicle your life in photos: Narrative 2.  http://getnarrative.com/

Narrative CES 2015

14- Waka Waka – We can all use something that will help us keep our devices charged.  This battery charges from the sun.  When you buy one of these, the company gives one to people in other countries that need light & electricity. .

Waka Waka CES 2015


15- Optic Wash – This is just fun.  A car wash for your glasses.  You might see these in a truck stop near you.  .

CES 2015

Brett Thelin

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