CES 2016: Best Affordable Tech

Las Vegas, NV – CES always shows the best in tech each year, but they are not very affordable. We picked the most affordable tech products for consumers that we want to add to our gadget collections.

 3D PEN by XYZ Printing ($49)

3D Pen

The XYZprinting’s 3D Pen lets you draw anything you can think of in 3D. The Pen holds a filament that is fed in from the top and as you press the Heat button, the Pen melts the filament into a liquid form, that cools 20 seconds later, where it will become your creation.

 Chipolo ($29.95)


If you are like me, I spend too much time searching for lost or misplaced items everyday, and Chipolo rings when you are searching for it. It shows you the last know location on a map. Shake the Chipolo and ring your phone, even it it’s set on silent. Attach, stick or drop the Chipolo inside everyday items and find them in seconds.

 iPin Spatial Ruler (No Price Yet)


iPin Spatial Ruler. The iPin is the world’s smallest measuring device with a laser that uses your iPhone’s camera. The iPin Ruler App allows users to measure the length between any two points in a shared photo on their iPhone or iPad. Simply take a photo adjust the app and get the precise measurements you need without the need for a measuring tape.

 Blink ($79)

Blink_Media CES 2016

Blink is the one-of-a-kind home monitoring and alert system. HD Video with 720p with minimal distortion. Motion Detection that records a short video clip that pushes a notification or email with a video link. Night Vision, Temperature Sensor, Live view mode and so much more.

 Monument (Under $100 on Kickstarter)


Monument helps you create your personal cloud by using USB Drives. Attach USB Drives, Install Monument app, organize photos by date, faces, locations, and use smart search to browse photos and videos. All your family photos organized and secure.

 Polaroid Cube + ($150)


The Polaroid Cube+ HD is a lifestyle action video camera that makes capturing life’s adventures easier with wifi, live streaming, full HD recording with image stabilization. The Cube+ is a step up from the first action camera that was lacking wifi and image stabilization that was much needed. The Camera on the Cube+ is a 8mp camera with HD video up to 1440p. Battery has  107 minutes of recording time, a microphone and is weather resistant.

 XYZ 3D Printer Da Vinci Mini ($269)

XYZ 3d Printing

The Da Vinci Mini by XYZprinting is a light-weight desktop 3D printer for those that value desk space. It is 30% smaller than the da Vinci Jr. while maintaining the same build size of 6″ squared. Move this printer around your home, studio or office. Built in wifi and USB connectivity that uses PLA filaments.

Universal Car Remote ($24.95)

Universal Car Remote

The World’s first Universal Car Remote works like a universal TV remote but it’s made for care. It replaces factory original remotes for vehicles by 21 car manufactures.

Blaster X VR ($50)

Blaster X

The Blaster X VR by Creative is a holder for your phone that allows you to get into the VR world without a large price tag. Oculus is a self contained VR system and the Blaser X VR fits any smart phone and your audio is from your phone or a bluetooth headset. You also have the ability to log into the Blaster X VR content called the Blasterzone.

Parrot Bebop 2 ($549)


Bebop 2 by Parrot has put the best products in their consumer drone with a full HD 1080- video with a 25 minute flight time. The camera is a 14 megapixel “Fish-eye” camera that is stabilized. You can live stream video on your smart phone or tablet with a built in GPS to control flight altitude and automatic return to the take-off point. It has a duel core processor with a quad-core GPU and a 8gb flash storage system.


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