CES Startup Night Previews Future Ideas

Startup Night is a traditional opportunity on the eve of CES for startup companies to showcase new products.  CES is a trade show for the latest and greatest tech in the world.  However, showing tech to the world can cost a small fortune.  This is why Tech.co (tech.co) created an evening for startups to talk to an audience of media and attendees.


Three notable startup products were showcased.  Hydrao, a smart shower head, Occly, a wearable personal safety device, and Smart Dog Collar, a product to help you connect with your dog.

Occly (occly.com) is a personal bodycam with a panic alarm that is aimed to solve the problem of personal security outside and inside the home.  A device about the size of a the pagers of the 90s, Occly has four cameras that captures almost a 360-degree view.  A panic button and impact sensor act as triggers.  It can be worn when outside the home or placed as a sensor when at home or in a hotel room.


Hydrao (hydrao.fr) has a goal to help the environment by helping us to control how much water we use.  Showers use a tremendous amount of water.  We can reduce that amount, but it can be hard to track and remember.  Hydrao makes reducing shower water easy and fun.  First, Hydrao uses a smart phone app to connect to a special shower head to change both the color of the shower head and the water stream based on the time you set for each shower.  As the water color changes from green to red, you can gauge how much time you have left.  Second, the app makes saving water a game.  See your progress and best score.  This time, winning means savings for your pocketbook.

hydrao france

Smart Dog Collar (jagger-lewis.com) promises to connect you to your dog so you can get advice on care and alerts on health.  According to Jagger Lewis, the device monitors behavior, well being, and health.  It also promises to coordinate with a veterinarian so if they see something you might miss, they can provide additional guidance.

You can get additional information on their respective websites.  It isn’t clear yet if any of these new startups or their products are feasible or worth your investment.  Yet often these ideas are harbingers of what is to come.  They can also provide comic relief.  The decision of which they are, is up to you.

Brett Thelin

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