CINEMOOD v.2: Mini Cinema Projector for Families

CINEMOOD is the first cloud-connected mini cinema projector that was designed specifically for families who want to ensure the safe media viewing practices of their children. This Kickstarter campaign hit their $75,000 goal and is still taking orders.

CINEMOOD creates an atmosphere. It brings a cinema mood wherever it goes due to its large screen size and portability.

Simple and safe, CINEMOOD comes with hours of carefully selected cartoons, audiobooks, and digital book slideshows. It’s also connected to a cloud library, so getting new content is always a breeze and totally wireless.

CINEMOOD mini family Projector Kickstarter

Watch your favorite movies and TV shows in a new way and create new family rituals with CINEMOOD.

This device is small and portable that fits into the palm of your hand and brings mini cinema with you wherever you go.

This device is pre-loaded with 20 hours of carefully selected cartoons and digital book slideshows pre-loaded on the projector along with options to download your own content directly via USB.

The device comes with smart covers to wirelessly download new stories onto the projector with 10 more covers coming soon.

CINEMOOD mini family Projector kick starter

To get the best experience with 100″ picture you might need to wait for a dawn or draw the curtains. The darker the room is, the better contrast you’ll get. Projection power would not be enough to use it in direct sunlight.

This offer can be yours on Kickstarter for 50% off at $199 to get in at the early bird price HERE.CINEMOOD mini family Projector 1


Photos from Kickstarter campaign HERE

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