Dakota Robinson 2A Softball MVP

Dakota Robinson
Enterprise head coach Duane Wallin scheduled the toughest teams he could find, including top-ranked 3A, 4A and 5A teams, hoping to prepare his team for the challenges of playoff softball.

And while facing schools that are five or six times bigger might intimidate some players, it invigorated Robinson, his junior pitcher.

“When we’d play those tough teams, it seemed she’d rise up and play even tougher,” said Walling of schools like Spanish Fork, Snow Canyon and Lehi. “These were good, solid teams, and she pitched really well against all of them.”

Robinson had a few starts as a freshman, and she became the Wolves’ primary pitcher as a sophomore. She helped the team to a third-place finish last year, and that just fueled her offseason efforts heading into this year.

“She played ball all summer, and she just got more confidence,” Wallin said. “She has a really good presence on the mound. She doesn’t let things bother her.”

When the situation becomes tense, Robinson becomes calmer, smarter.

“She can handle the pressure,” he said. “She is just tough and doesn’t have lapses as far as mental or emotional. And that helps the whole team having that kind of an attitude.”

Her natural athletic ability is simply enhanced by her dogged work ethic. She helped the team to this year’s championship game where the Wolves lost to San Juan in a 6-5 thriller.

“I’ve had three good pitchers stacked up the last 10 years,” he said of the program that’s become one of the state’s best. “I don’t know who is going to take her place. I have four or five good freshman pitchers, but none are at the level she is. I’m sure we would have struggled without her.”

Robinson is a dedicated student who also plays volleyball and basketball.

“Her first love is softball,” said Wallin. “She is an all-around player. If she wasn’t pitching, she’d be my shortstop. If I needed an outfielder, she’d be a great one. She’s just an all-around great player who really knows and understands the game. She’s really amazing


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