Earthquake Rattles City of Enterprise

Enterprise, Utah – At 3:38pm facebook blew up with locals asking if anyone felt an earthquake. Little earthquakes are called “Earthquake swarms” and are common in Southern Utah, but never rarely felt.

The U.S. Geological service reported an Earthquake Magnitude of 4.2 that hit just 12 miles WSW outside of Enterprise at 3:37pm. Locals refer to that area as, “the other side of Flat Top.” The earthquake hit 34 miles NNW of Saint George, Utah and 249 miles SSW of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Moderate and large earthquakes are likely in Southern Utah that can cause strong ground shaking. A M5 earthquake can cause significant damage at distances up to 6 miles, and a M7 at distances up to 30 miles. Geologic site conditions such as deep sediment-filled basins may locally amplify and prolong ground shaking. There were no reports of damages at this time.

Many residents of Enterprise said they felt the ground shake. Local Kristi Clark said, “All of my kids came running. …did you feel it?” Laurie Amos of Enterprise said, “There seems to be a lot of little ones that we don’t feel. But this is two that I’ve felt since living here.”

This earthquake is starting to wake up local residents, by getting them thinking that things can happen in our city. RaSelle Sanderson said, “I know we’ve had them in the past but I’ve never felt it until now! Freaked me out!”

Enterprise was not the only place that felt the ground move. Just outside of Enterprise about 11 miles is a small town of Beryl and resident Billy Cooper said, “We felt it here in Beryl.”

You can see details and follow earthquakes as they are tracked throughout the world at the U.S. Geological website

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