EHS Football: Senior Night and North Sevier Take Down

Enterprise High School held their last home game of the regular season against North Sevier. They also honored their football and cross country seniors.

EHS Football Senior night 2014 (Enterprise vs North Sevier Stats)

Enterprise 55 – North Sevier 15

EHS Team Stats:

Enterprise 541 yards of total offensive yards
Passing Yards 34 / Rushing Yards 43 attempts for 507
0 turnovers
4/6 on third down conversions

EHS Individual Stats:

Rushing Yards (Leaders)
•Kelton Hunt 10 carries for 140 yards 3 TD
•Michael Dougherty 4 carries for 91 yards 1 TD
•Isaac Wallin 2 carries for 65 yards 2 TD
•Jayson Holt 2 carries for 44 yards
•Brandell Shumway 3 carries for 41 yards 1 TD
•Josh Schimbeck 6 carries for 41 yards 1 TD
•AJ Anderson 6 carries for 27 yards
•Ricky Ramos 2 carries for 26 yards
•Kaleb Nay 3 carries for 23 yards
•Jesus Morales 2 carries for 14 yards

Receiving Yards (Leader)
•Jake Jones 1 catch for 34 total receiving yards

Total Tackles (Leaders)
•Alex Marquex 7 tackles
•Ricky Ramos 3 tackles
•Kaleb Nay 3 tackles
•John Oswald 2 tackles
•Bradlee Clegg 2 tackles
•Caleb Koopmans 2 tackles
•Ron Esplin 2 tackles
•Chris Shock 2 tackles
•Jesus Morales 1 tackle and 5 assists

Kick Returns
•Caleb Koopmans 1 attempt for 16 yards
•Connor Phelps 1 attempt for 11 yards

•Michael Dougherty 2 punts for 21 yards

Passing Yards
•Brandell Shumway 0 for 2 for 0 total passing yards
•Michael Dougherty 1 for 1 for 34 total passing yards

Scoring Summary

Team Qtr Time Scoring Play A H
Enterprise 1 05:13 #35 Kelton Hunt runs for 57 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #14 Ricky Ramos good) 0 7
Enterprise 1 02:37 #2 Isaac Wallin runs for 14 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #14 Ricky Ramos good) 0 14
Enterprise 1 00:13 #4 Brandell Shumway runs for 1 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #14 Ricky Ramos good) 0 21
Enterprise 2 09:44 #2 Isaac Wallin runs for 51 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #14 Ricky Ramos good) 0 28
Enterprise 2 07:22 #35 Kelton Hunt runs for 16 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #14 Ricky Ramos good) 0 35
Enterprise 2 05:05 #3 Michael Dougherty runs for 81 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #14 Ricky Ramos good) 0 42
Enterprise 3 09:19 #35 Kelton Hunt runs for 3 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #14 Ricky Ramos good) 0 49
North Sevier 3 03:33 #48 Casen Burgess runs for 1 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #1 Ben Porras good) 7 49
Enterprise 4 10:08 #66 Josh Schimbeck runs for 4 yards. Touchdown! (Point after kick by #3 Michael Dougherty blocked) 7 55
North Sevier 4 03:12 #13 Fisher Anderson pass complete to #15 Preston Snyder for 24 yards. Touchdown! (Two point conversion pass by #15 Preston Snyder to #44 Collin Rasmussen no good) 13 55

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Photos by Cameron Foremaster of Enteprise

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