EHS State Track Bring Big Results

The Enterprise High School Track and Field team spent two wet days at Brigham Young University for the Utah State Track Meet. Enterprise represents Region 13 in 2A and has a strong team this year. Enterprise is coached by Joe Bott and Kelli Koopmans. EHS track and field also had two seniors that were honored. Koden Hunt and Riley Lyman received academic all-state with a GPA of 4.0.

State Results

Jas Gardner: 1st place 100(STATE RECORD, school record) 1st place 200 (school record) 3rd place 4X100

Zach Koopmans: 1st place Javelin, 7th place shot put,

Isaac Wallin: 2nd place 200, 5th place 4×100(school record)

Shelby Lyman: 2nd place Javelin

Rachell Bingham: 3rd place 4X100, 5th place 4X400(school record)

Riley Lyman: 3rd place 4X100, 5th place 4X400(school record)

Sharley Huntsman: 3rd place 4X100, 5th place 4X400 (school record)

Calista Shock: 5th place 4X400(school record)

Michael Dougherty: 5th place 4X100(school record)

John Oswald: 5th place 4X100(school record)

Caleb Koopmans: 5th place 4X100(school record)

Joey Paine: 6th place shot put

Sherri Platt: 6th place shotput

Girls Team: 5th overall
Boys Team: 10th overall
Combined Teams: 7th overall

Photos by Kelli Koopmans, Kirby Schimbeck and Kathy Bingham

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