EHS Track Represent at Milford

Milford, Utah – Enterprise High School Track and Field team had a great, cold and rainy day with some top notch results that added more state qualifiers.

Milford Track and Field Results:
Jase 1st 3200, 3rd 800
Michael 1st 4×4, 2nd HJ
John 1st 4×4, 3rd 100
Caleb 1st 4×4, 6th 100
Jesus 1st 4×4
Jay 2nd disc, 3rd HJ, medley 7th NEW STATE Qualifier!!
Jackie 2nd 3200, 3rd 4×4
Joey 2nd shot 7th medley
Hannah 2nd disc
Hunter 3rd 400, 5th 4×4
Ellie 3rd 4×4, 4th 300 H, 7th HJ
Tress 3rd 4×4
Kamrin 3rd 4×4
Sherri 5th shot
Josh 5th shot
Dallin 6th 110 H
John N 7th medley
Garrett 7th medley 8th HJ
Dylan 7th disc
Ali B 8th disc

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