Enterprise Basketball Preparing for Blue and Gold Tournament

Enterprise High School is preparing for their annual Blue and Gold Tournament on December 28th and 29th, 2016. The tournament is set up to bring schools to Enterprise High School and help players build friendships with other schools.

Schools in attendance this year for the girl teams consist of American Preparatory Academy, Tintic High, Merit Academy, and Enterprise High.

Schools in attendance for the boy teams this year consist of Water Canyon High, Rockwell Charter High, El Capitan High, Enterprise High.

Blue and Gold Tournament

Wednesday Schedule:
2pm – 8:30pm Basketball Games
9pm-10:15pm Dance

Thursday Schedule:
9am – Breakfast
10am – 11:30am Blue and Gold Olympics
12pm Court of Dreams Alumni Game
2pm – 8:30pm Basketball Games

Girls Bracket:
Game 1 Wednesday, December 28th 2:00pm – American Prep Academy vs Tintic High
Game 3 Wednesday, December 28th 5:00pm – Enterprise High vs Merit Academy
Game 5 Thursday, December 29th 2:00pm – Loser Bracket
Game 7 Thursday, December 29th 5:00pm – Winning Bracket

Boys Bracket:
Game 2 Wednesday, December 28th 3:30pm – El Capitan High vs Rockwell Charter High
Game 4 Wednesday, December 28th 6:30pm – Enterprise High vs Water Canyon High
Game 6 Thursday, December 29th 3:30pm – Loser Bracket
Game 8 Thursday, December 29th 6:30pm – Winning Bracket

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