Enterprise City Park Community Building Taking Shape

The Enterprise City Park has been a constant eye sore for years and now the park is starting to take shape thanks to the many volunteers.

The city added a sidewalk and quickly turned their focus to the community building. Many hands make light work and that is exactly why the park is very successful. The building is currently being framed out with many other projects coming down the pipe line. City Councilman Jared Holt is over seeing the project from the council side along with other city officials that have really turned the park into a community event.

Enterprise High School Football

Recently the Enterprise High School football team stepped up to work on the south side of the park around the cottonwood trees and cleaned up the job site.

The local business from Verla’s Country Cafe, Marv’s Drive-in, and Carter’s Market have all donated to the many volunteers that spend countless hours.

RedCliff Ascent spent a day working on the landscape in the south parking area and equipment has been donated from Komatsu that saved many man hours.

Overall the park is coming in quickly and the city of Enterprise is working with community members to build a park together. Visit all the progress on the Enterprise City Facebook Page.

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