Enterprise City Releases Latest Park Design

Enterprise City released the latest park designs complete with soccer fields, splash pad, bathrooms, play areas, and plenty of parking. City Councilman, Jared Holt is over the park project and he has confirmed that the city park will no longer have a skate park in the upcoming plans. Holt said, “We found that a nice skate park was very expensive. Lincoln County, for example, put one in, and it was very expensive. Also, space became an issue once we had an opportunity to put in two tennis courts and the areas for dutch-oven cooking. ”

green = turf
dark gray = asphalt
light gray/dark tan = concrete paving/hardscape (you can see that we’ve articulated the hardscape patterns)
light tan = rock mulch planting areas
Orange = play area (the play structures have not been designed, we’re planning to work with the manufacturers to design a play area that specifically fits the space)
Blue = splash pad

The city continues to match donations toward the park and is currently at a total of $478, 200. The plans to move forward continue to change as residence become restless hoping to see something in the city grass field that resembles the hard work and years of promises.

Holt continues to collect the proper funding needed to get started on the park and in the meantime encourages residents if they have questions to reach out to him or anyone at the city for further discussions.

Enterprise City Park Donations

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