Enterprise Cross Country Girls Stand Out At Home

Enterprise, Utah – Runners from Millard, Delta, South Sevier, Beaver, and Kanab were in Enterprise on Wednesday for the Enterprise High School cross-country meet.

Enterprise Senior Alli Yardley placed first and lead the Enterprise Wolves girls team to a first place finish.

Enterprise had five runners place in the top 15 for the girls’ race with senior Jackie Holt at No. 3, sophomore Kangie Bundy at No. 6, senior Amanda Humphries at No. 11, and sophomore Ellie Shurtliff at No. 14.

Enterprise boys’ team was lead by Jarom Schill and three more Enterprise runners placed in the top 15 with Senior Chandler Staheli placing at No. 9, and Senior Mack Crouch at No. 14.

Jared Grant from South Sevier lead the racers with a time of 16:18.2 followed by Dax Brough of Delta with a time of 16:36.6. South Sevier took first place and Enterprise boys team came in fourth.

Boy Finishers
Jared Grant 16:18.2 South Sevier
pax Brough 16:36.6 Delta
Porter Obrav 17:14.6 South Sevier
Shade Woodlard 17:16.9 Millard
Kaetz King 17:24.9 Soulh Sevier
Jarom Schill 17:26.2 Enterprise
Tate Smith 17:40.8 Delta
Austin Bistline 17:48.1 Kanab
Chandler Staheli 17:56.9 Enterprise
Dylan Bistline 18:01.3 Kanab
Ezra Anderson 18:03.2 Delta
Devan Wilson 18:12.7 South Sevier
Levi Ott 18:23.4 South Sevier
Mack Crouch 18:25.5 Enterprise
Treyson Hansen 18:29.2 South Sevier
Tanner Johnson 18:41.5 Delta
Jace Thompson 18:42.0 Millard
Conner Cox 18:45.0 Millard
Nathan Whitman 18:45.8 Enterprise
Jordan Mumford 18:46.8 South Sevier
Tyler Staheli 18:50.2 Enterprise
Chase Sylvester 18:58.9 Millard
Nate Despain 18:59.7 Millard
Hayden Anderson 19:01.2 Millard
Levi Randall 19:11.6 Enterprise
Josh Turner 19:14.8 Delta
Nathaniel Wood 19:17.4 Millard
Carson Fox 19:18.1 Millard
Dallin Tolman 19:18.8 Delta
Lincoln Dunford 19:21.1 Enterprise
Parker Stevens 19:23.4 Millard
Gavin Staples 19:24.9 South Sevier
Wyatt Fullmer 19:29.6 Millard
Josh Peterson 19:30.2 Enterprise
Jordan Nielson 19:30.9 South Sevier
Alex Wall 19:31.5 Millard
Blake Dallin 19:40.8 Millard
Mason Bartlett 19:41.4 Beaver
Dayne Stewart 19:42.4 Millard
John Whitaker 19:47.4 Millard
Hunter Cornelius 19:53.2 South Sevier
Tristan Pederson 19:53.8 Enterprise
Bodee Shumway 19:54.2 Enterprise
Logan Hansen 19:57.6 South Sevier
Ben Moyle 20:17.2 Enterprise
Brody Pollman 20:17.8 Beaver
Jake Church 20:32.9 Kanab
Rhett Marshall 20:54.0 Beaver
Ethan Leavitt 20:56.6 South Sevier
Spencer Banks 20:59.1 Enterprise
Keldon Nelson 21:02.5 Enterprise
Bryce Stringham 21:13.3 Millard
Daniel Moyle 21:21.7 Enterprise
Brandt Willams 21:40.8 South Sevier
Brady Turner 21:44.8 Millard
Nathan Williams 22:11.6 Enterprise
Kaden Gentry 22:32.9 Millard

Girl Finishers
Alli Yardley 19:55.5 Enterprise
Maria Josse 20:32.9 Millard
Jackie Holt 20:45.6 Enterprise
Rachel Jones 20:49.4 Beaver
Kelly Bistline 21:23.0 Kanab
Kangie Bandy 21:39.7 Enterprise
Aimee Davenport 21:50.8 Millard
Paige Crane 21:54.2 South Sevier
Ken Martin 22:05.5 South Sevier
Maggi Flake 22:08.4 South Sevier
Amanda Humphries 22:10.5 Enterprise
Fatima Ortiz 22:43.6 Beaver
Jessie Glover 22:47.2 Kanab
Ellie Shurtliff 22:57.2 Enterprise
Mackenzie Jones 23:02.2 South Sevier
Khari Cox 23:03.7 Millard
Jaidynn Shumway 23:11.0 Enterprise
Averie Staheli 23:11.9 Enterprise
Lainey Obray 23:13.2 South Sevier
Kaylee Johnson 23:34.3 South Sevier
Lupita Ramirez 23:57.8 Millard
JoLynn Holt 24:22.8 Enterprise
Kamrin Koopmans 24:41.8 Enterprise
Taleena Truman 24:52.8 Enterprise
Victoria Carballo 24:56.3 Beaver
Whitney Keele 25:29.9 South Sevier
Jamie Mitchell 25:58.8 Delta
Emily Saunders 26:54.8 Enterprise
Marinda Wood 27:05.3 Millard
Emersyn Rollins 27:13.6 Millard
Clara Morcego 27:14.1 Enterprise
Kaytlin Thompson 27:24.5 Millard
Laine Martin 27:42.6 South Sevier
Morgan Stewart 27:49.9 Kanab
Emily Dunford 28:36.9 Enterprise
Mette Williams 30:33.7 Enterprise
Kylee McClure 30:41.3 South Sevier

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