Enterprise Elementary Shows Art Talent in Scarecrow Contest

The students at Enterprise Elementary were tasked with the challenge of building scarecrows out of items only from their home. New art teacher Jennifer Hall gave the students the assignment for each classroom. Hall said, “They could not buy any items and had to make the scarecrow’s in class.”

The assignment was made to show how a team can work together and build great art pieces without a big budget. Teachers had a ball working on these scarecrows and found out that the kids really worked hard to come up with a unique scarecrow. Mrs. Glauser said her 3rd-grade class worked on building a cute scarecrow witch that really came together.

Mrs. Holmes a janitor at Enterprise said how scary it is to walk into some of the classrooms and not realizing the scarecrows are right there and scare her to death.

On Halloween day the students and faculty will vote for their favorite scarecrow and the winning class will get to celebrate with a party.

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