Enterprise Fire Station and City Offices Under Construction

The City of Enterprise has  two Construction Projects in the works

The CDBG awarded Enterprise a grant to build a new fire station at the corner of 625 E and 400 South.

Site prep work was started last year. The Engineer has completed preliminary plans for the building which are being reviewed for changes and eventual approval.

The City expects Alpha Engineering to open this project up for bidding by early spring, in anticipation of breaking ground on construction by late spring/early summer.

The second Construction project involves the City Office.

Enterprise City Offices1

After the first phase of the City building’s remodel was completed several years ago, the City Council began to budget a small amount of money each year to be added to the remainder of the insurance proceeds that had been set aside for one day completing the back office area.

Fire Chief Brenden Moody has used his knowledge of construction and paired up with other staff members to organize efforts, save money and make big strides towards finishing this project.

Stop by the City Office and see the Fire Station preliminary plans and check out the progress on the office project.

Enterprise City Offices2

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