Enterprise Football Tramples Diamond Ranch

Enterprise High School opened their football season with a home game against Diamond Ranch Academy. Diamond Ranch is a privately funded school and has fast and strong kids, but tonight was not their night as the Enterprise Wolves Diamond Ranch 32-6. The Wolves dominated tonight and Kelton Hunt had a huge night with 4 rushing touchdowns in his 181 yard night. The defense was the game changer tonight as the first string held Diamond Ranch scoreless. If tonight is the signs of what is to come for the season then the Wolves will far surpass the 6 wins predicted this year.

Game Breakdown:

1st Quarter– Both teams were very quite Offensively in the first quarter. It was a defensive battle up front and at the end of the first the score was 0-0

2nd Quarter-The Wolves light up in the second half and play a tough game and the line opens holes for Kelton Hunt to make 2 touchdowns to bring the Wolves to a 12-0. Michael Dougherty pulls his hamstring and sits out.

3rd Quarter- Enterprise defense continues to dominate and by Joey Paine of Enterprise has had a huge night. The Wolves stopped a 4th down conversion by Diamond Ranch and handed the ball to Kelton Hunt (E-train) powered it in for another touchdown. Kelton Hunt has had 3 rushing touchdowns tonight and the score at the end of the third is 18-0. Kaleb Nay has a nice interception to add to the Wolves night. 

4th Quarter- The Enterprise Wolves pull away in the 4th with another rushing touchdown by #Etrain (Kelton Hunt) Ricky Ramos made his extra point and the score is 25-0. The younger players come into the game and right away Caleb Koopmans takes a hand off from Jayson Holt and Koopmans rushes for a well fought touchdown. The score is 32-0. One last play by Diamond Ranch and the Wolves 4th string are in the game and Diamond Ranch Scores a touchdown as time expires. The final score was 32-6.

Game Stats:

Team Stats:
EHS Wolves Total Offensive Yards 308  275 Yards Rushing, 33 Yards Receiving

EHS Individual Stats:
Rushing Yards (Leaders)
•Kelton Hunt with a monster night 28 carries for 181 Total Rushing Yards and 4 TD’s
•Michael Dougherty 7 carries for 22 yards
•Caleb Koopmans 2 carries for 51 Yards and 1 TD
•Connor Phelps 4 carries for 8 yards
•Josh Schimbeck 2 carries for 6 yards
•Brandell Shumway 3 carries for 5 yards
•Kaleb Nay 2 carries for 4 yards

Receiving Yards (Leaders)
•Ricky Ramos 2 catches for 16 total receiving Yards
•Josh Schimbeck 1 catch for 7 total receiving Yards
•Kaleb Nay 1 catch for 3 total receiving Yards
•Bradlee Clegg 1 catch for 7 total receiving Yards
•Michael Dougherty 1 catch for 6 total receiving Yards

Total Tackles (Leaders)
Connor Phelps 7 tackles
Jake Jones 6 tackels
Chad Beckstrand 5 tackles
Bradlee Clegg 4 tackles

Kaleb Nay 1 Interception

Passing Yards
Brandell Shumway 5 for 7 for 26 total passing yards
Kelton Hunt 1 for 1 for 7 total passing yards

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