Enterprise High Begins State Volleyball 5:30pm & 8:30 LIVE!

Enterprise High takes on Layton Christian at 5:30pm in the first round of 2A State Volleyball. They will be playing on court 4. Layton Christian is 6-4 in Region 14. Enterprise is 8-2 in Region 13. You can watch live below, the cube http://thecube.com/e/561285 or ksl live http://live.ksl.com/scheduler/embed-view#hl=en&ls=true&ei=18350&sm=2667.


Enterprise High will possibly take on North Sevier at 8:30pm in the second game of 2A State Volleyball. You can watch live below, the cube https://thecube.com/e/561299 or ksl live http://live.ksl.com/scheduler/embed-view

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