Enterprise High School Choir Performs With the Orchestra of Southern Utah

Enterprise High School Choir had the incredible opportunity to perform with the Orchestra of Southern Utah in Cedar City.  The piece they performed, Africa, was composed by Marshall McDonald and Steve Sharp Nelson (cellist for the internationally popular Piano Guys).  The World Premiere performed by OSU was premiered in 2009 and has been sold around the globe!  What an incredible opportunity for the Enterprise High School students to perform such an amazing piece with the Orchestra!  They choir performed with ease and added much to an amazing night!

choir IMG_1085.JPG IMG_1154 2 IMG_1080.JPG IMG_1081.JPG IMG_1079.JPG IMG_1063 IMG_1082 IMG_1077.JPG IMG_1070.JPG IMG_1072.JPG IMG_1078.JPG IMG_1068 IMG_1084.JPG IMG_0812 IMG_1085.JPG


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