Enterprise High School Drama Presents Their Spring Play

Enterprise High School Drama presented their spring play “What Happened After Once Upon A Time?” by Alexi Alfleri. The play was directed by Quint Jones

CAST OF CHARACTERS (In Order of Appearance)

CINDERELLA – Sierra Rowley
RAPUNZEL – Rylie Mathews
FIRST PIG – Jarom Schill
WOLF – Lincoln Dunford
SECOND PIG – Felicia Cunow
THIRD PIG – Emily Dunford
HANSEL – Jarom Schill
GRETEL – Lea van Dyk
JACK – Dillon Hunt
KING – Tanner Daugherty
QUEEN – Cassady Jensen
PRINCESS – Kandace Randall
HAPPY – Lincoln Dunford
DOPEY – Cassady Jensen
SLEEPY – Emily Dunford
SNEEZY – Rylie Mathews
SNOW WHITE – Carrie Johnson
DOC – Tanner Daugherty
BASHFUL – Felicia Cunow
GRUMPY – Jarom Schill
GOLDILOCKS – Denise Marker
BABY BEAR – Cassady Jensen

Events going to State:

Musical Theater
Riley Bliss (2nd place at Region)
Jena Raner (made medals round at region)
Kashton Crouch (made medals round at Region)
Sierra Rowley

Dramatic Monologue
Jena Raner (3rd place at Region)
Riley Bliss

Humorous Monologue
Carrie Johnson
Dillon Hunt
Lea van Dyk

Sierra Rowley (2nd place at region)

Classical Scene
Logan Banks and John Nettleton (2nd place at region)

Contemporary Scene
Jarom Schill, Tanner Daugherty, Rylie Mathews (made medals round at Region)

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