Enterprise High Volleyball Places 3rd at Skyline Tournament

SALT LAKE CITY – Enterprise High School Volleyball placed third at the Skyline High School Volleyball Tournament. Enterprise does very well every year at this tournament against the bigger 5A schools. Enterprise arrived early Friday morning, August 19 for their first four games.

Enterprise went 3-1 on Friday:
Lost the first game to Woods Cross High School 2-1
Won the second game to Hunter High School 2-0
Won the third game to Mountain Crest High School 2-0
Won the fourth game to Olympus High School 2-0

EHS Volleyball

Saturday, August 20 the Enterprise team was in good position with three wins under their belt. Enterprise swept the next two games against Skyline High School 2-1, and Union High School 2-1.

They headed into the final tournament run facing off against North Summit a 2A school that will be one of the toughest teams the Enterprise team will face at state. Enterprise couldn’t quite get their game together and lost 0-2 to North Summit High School and also stumbled against Woods Cross High School for a second time in the tournament.

Enterprise bounced back late against Syracuse to give them third place in the tournament and to help them see what they can do for the year. Coach Brian Phelps said, “The Skyline tournament is to help get the girls ready for the season, and to see how each of them perform. It is about having fun and challenging ourselves.”

Enterprise Volleyball opens up their first home game against 3A Pine View at 7pm for Varsity.

You can see the complete list of EHS Volleyball games HERE 

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