Enterprise is Home Contest Results

Congrats to DeeAnn Holt, LuChel Truman, and ShaLece Terry for being the winners of our “Enterprise is Home” contest!  See their photos below.

Photo from DeeAnn Holt

Photo from DeeAnn Holt. Pictured back row: Andrea Staheli Miller, Weston Randall, Rodger Randall, DeeAnn Sorenson Holt, Vernon Humphries. Front row: Gary Staheli, Irene Staheli, Sherry Staheli Reber, Shirley Truman Jones

Photo from LuChel Hunt.2

Photo from LuChel Truman. Melvin Truman pictured in center. Main Street is in the background

Photo from LuChel Hunt.3

Photo from LuChel Truman

Photo from LuChel Hunt.4

Photo from LuChel Truman

Photo from LuChel Hunt.5

Photo from LuChel Truman. Shirley Truman Jones pictured at left.

Photo from LuChel Hunt

Photo from LuChel Truman. Melvin Truman pictured at right.

Photo from Shaleece Staheli Terry

Photo from ShaLece Terry.


Photo from Shaleece Terry

Photo from ShaLece Terry.

We really loved what ShaLece had to say about how Enterprise is home to her:

“I know that this is not an “old” photo of Enterprise but this is what home means to me. Somewhere where there are green fields instead of a concrete jungle void of life. The feed tower that has always seemed to be like a beacon in the distance signifying that I was almost home. The “E” hill that has stood as a silent sentinel and watched over our town. Observing the growth and changes throughout the decades, yet still there as a constant and steady as always. Born and raised in this great town and even when the our paths lead us away, this is the place I will always call home and where my heart will stay.

 Have you ever had a favorite quilt? One that because of the memories and the familiarities could bring a sense of peace and contentment in your life? To me our town had been like that favorite patchwork blanket. Each thread plays an important part in the final masterpiece. Most threads are laced with happiness and fond memories, while others weave a pattern of sadness and loss. Yet each piece plays a vital role and the final masterpiece would not be complete without them.”

If you have a favorite photo of Enterprise, please share it with us!



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