Enterprise Little League Gets New Life (Registration March 5)

The town of Enterprise has always had volunteers to run their programs. It has been in very good hands for a lot of years and once those volunteers move on, the next group needs to pick it up after a little training. Most small towns have a problem finding new people to replace the previous parents who spent several years working the kinks out of the system and then recruiting new blood to take over in their place. Once you find a new volunteer (sucker) you help them get established and quickly let them fly on their own.

Those volunteers jump in with both feet and get the little league back to working order. Each year it gets harder and harder to find those who are willing to put in many thankless hours to keep a program like little league going. You deal with mad parents, crappy coaches, upset kids, and the business side that takes hours and hours to work out. Not to mention when someone decides they have had enough you pick up extra work.

This isn’t to say there is no joy in little league. In fact one of my favorite games was towards the end of the season as this little batter stepped up to home plate ready to strike out again. He didn’t hit a ball all season long up to this point and the coach that pitched to him was on the opposite team at the time. The coach saw all of his players scoot up and if this player struck out the game would be over. The coach leaned in and threw a giant watermelon and the batter took a simple swing and missed the ball. This little guy was ready to run to the dugout already, but he stood at the plate again for his final pitch and the coach scooted up and gentle tossed the ball. This kid nailed the ball and the ball sailed towards the short stop and he took off for 1st base for his first time all season long with the biggest smile on his face. I really believe the 1st baseman missed the ball on purpose that zoomed by him and the runner on third scored and kept the game alive.

What was the score to the game? Who won? Not one of those kids remember today, but I promise you that little baseball player never forgot that moment when he hit the ball.

In order to have success in little league or in sports we need coaches and parents who care about the game and not just about winning. I am more competitive than I want to admit, but once we change our focus, it really changes the game.

The Enterprise Little League has a new President in Conway Campbell and they will be starting with registration on March 5th- They will continue to go through the little league association and find opportunities to make everything work out best for the kids.

Registration will be Thursday March 5th @ Enterprise High School’s new gym entrance from 5:30 to 7:00
• T ball $25
• Machine Pitch $45
• Minor League $45
• Major League $45
• Junior League $70, unless you have last years uniform then it’s $50

After March 21st there will be a $10 late fee

The little league board will be applying for a grant through the Little League and they want your feed back on what improvements need to be done at the fields or the league. (Example, new field, lights, batting cages etc… You can give us your input at registration)

• Softball tryouts will be March 25th

• Baseball tryouts will be March 26

 Season starts April 21st

Forms that need to be completed

Player Registration Form  – Download here >> Player-Registration-Form


Medical Release Form – Download here >> Medical_Release_Form

Volunteer Form – Download here >>VolunteerApplication15

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