Enterprise Little League Meeting (Feb 24 at 6pm)

Enterprise City, Utah has always depended upon volunteers to run their community sports. Baseball, softball, soccer, flag football, football, volleyball, and basketball. The problem is you have the same 10 people who run everything and once those 10 people feel burned out it is left to the next volunteers to pick up where they left off. If you haven’t coached, or been on a board for these sports the little league needs you. They have been through some of the best board members in the past 5 years and now they need those people with great ideas, energy and a desire to see kids succeed.

The first meeting for the Little League Baseball and Softball will be Tuesday night at 6:00 in the old gym at the high school. The little league is getting a really late start and needs all the help they can get. The more people at the meeting the better.

If you have questions please contact Coby Drake at 231-1205

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