Enterprise Memorial Day Services Honor Veterans From 1954-1974

Memorial Day services were held at the Enterprise City cemetery to honor those that served from 1954-1974. Larry Clegg was on hand along with Tony Randall to present each plaque to those family members.

Leslie Barlow
Bradley Barlow
Vicky Olson
Jerry Olson
Kenneth Craig Cline
Mary M. Cole
David Fureigh
Lorenzo McGregor
Rodger Randall
Theron Randall
Dean Bushar
Steven Chadburn
Ed Freeman
Larry Clegg
Mason Jones
Steve Jones
Jean Jones
Marlo Reber
Henry Ogborn
Leo Barlocker
Ken Jones
Rulan Jones
Jack Randall
Kerry Holt
Gayle Evans
Darrell Humphries
Leon Hall
Richard T. Truman
Doug Jones
Lot Christensen
John Wadlington
Morris Carter
Bruce Bissell
Terrill Colvin
Joseph Simkins
Julio C. Ardon
Terry Gardner
Reginald Terry
Garrett Dutton
Amber Davis
Fred Ybright
Delbert Stahleli
Karl Schmutz
James Crouch
Laurie Harlan
Jim Douglas
Joseph Ward Holt
Reid Scott Sorenson

Plaques were made by Nathan Bowler

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