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In his book, History of Enterprise, Joseph Fish begins by quoting ‘the great historian’ who said, “The annals of mankind have never been written, can never [be] written, nor would it be within the limits of Human capacity to read them, if they were written. We have a leaf or two torn from the great book of human fate, as it flutters in the storm winds, ever sweeping across the earth; but we have no other light to guide us across the track which all must tread, save the long glimmering of yesterday, which grows as swiftly faint, as present fades off into the past.”

I found this quote to be especially meaningful this month as I set out to capture the beauty of October around Enterprise. The day was perfect with deep blue skies and the array of colors only nature can produce. I only snapped a few photos before realizing I was out of time for the day. My search would have to wait until tomorrow.

enterprise-fall-leaves-2 enterprise-fall-leaves-3

The next day the storm winds were causing everything in town to do more than flutter. With wind actually in the forecast, not just a daily expectation, the day was bound to be…blustery…and cloudy. I set out anyway, determined to capture the colors of fall before they were gone. I took photos of several of my favorite trees around town until my phone died. I hoped tomorrow would bring better luck.

enterprise-fall-leaves-6enterprise-fall-leaves-8 enterprise-fall-leaves-9 enterprise-fall-leaves-7 enterprise-fall-leaves-5 enterprise-fall-leaves-4

In the early morning light of the following day, I could see I was too late. The howling wind during the night had carried most of the leaves far from the trees.

As we bustle from place to place, usually always in a hurry to get the next thing done, we forget that we are creating history each day. Our lives are writing out stories for that ‘leaf or two of the great book of human fate.’ Take some time to capture special moments of your life before today fades off into the past.


Stacee Seegmiller

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