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Yesterday our little town celebrated Pioneer Day in true Enterprise fashion. As the first rays of sunlight peaked over the hills to the east, runners were pounding the pavement for the Fun Run. Later in the morning, crowds lined Main Street for the parade, followed by a program at the Stake Center and foot races in the afternoon. As the sun disappeared behind the hills to the west, the American Legion Rodeo was well under way.

In the background of our celebrations yesterday was a familiar landmark that has been a witness to all of our town’s celebrations. Standing to the south of Flat Top, Pilot Peak was a guiding landmark to our pioneer ancestors as they settled this valley.

Pilot Peak

Photo by Justin Seegmiller

This sturdy, constant beacon inspired a song, written by Berle B. Holt, and entitled, “Old Pilot Peak.” The story of how this song came to be is told in the words of Berle and her friend, Erma Bracken and was recorded in the book, 100 Years of Enterprise Folklore.

Berle B. Holt:

“Years ago, I was driving out of town with one of my sons, who was leaving on a mission. I looked at my son and wondered what thoughts were running through his mind. What would he miss upon leaving our sheltered valley?

I turned my head and gazed out the back window. As Enterprise grew small in the distance, I saw Pilot Peak standing like a beacon in the background. That, I thought, would be one of the sights I’d remember most.”

Erma Bracken:

“One day several years ago, Berle mentioned to me that she would give just about anything to be able to play the piano but that she just didn’t have it in her.

I let her know that she could do anything she wanted to; and I convinced her to sit down with me at the piano, where I taught her how to chord and count rhythm. Berle’s desire to play persisted, and we spent many hours playing old favorites-Berle on the chords and I on the melody.

With her confidence boosted and the desire to play still burning, Berle began-at the young age of 60-to take formal music lessons.

Years later, Berle approached me with a tune in her head and words on paper. Berle played her sweet melody again and again until I got it in my mind. I put the notes on paper and added the accompaniment. The result is ‘Old Pilot Peak,’ a wonderful tribute to a local landmark.”

Old Pilot Peak

1.Oh, Pilot Peak, you are a landmark true,

as your peak points up t’ward the skies,

You stand as a guard in both sunshine and rain

Over our small town of Enterprise.

Your lofty peak suggests to each of us

That we too, should set our goals high

And be as firm in our will to achieve

As the mountains which around us lie.


2.When duty calls us away from home

to do service or advancements we seek,

One thing that stands out in our thoughts and our hearts

Is the mem’ry of old Pilot Peak.

For decades you’ve been there as you are now,

A guide for our brave pioneers.

On the old Spanish trail, Hebron and Enterprise

You’ve observed both their joys and their tears.


3.There are many changes you have witnessed here

and the valley where the farmer’s crop grows,

since power and tractors have entered the scene

the desert’s blossomed as the rose.

Now each one of us as we leave this life

A home with our Father we seek.

May our course be enhanced by scenes that we love,

In the distance be Old Pilot Peak.

[audioplayer file=”http://enterprise2day.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Pilot-Peak.m4a” titles=”Old Pilot Peak” played by=”MarKay Thelin” track=”01″]

When each of us thinks of our little town, there in the background is Pilot Peak. It stands there as a symbol of guidance to us today as it did for our pioneer ancestors…yesterday.

Old Pilot Peak pg 2

Sheet music for the song “Old Pilot Peak”











Sources: Story taken from 100 Years of Enterprise Folklore. Illustration of Pilot Peak was drawn by Janet Holt. Music played by MarKay Thelin.

Stacee Seegmiller

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