Enterprise Stories – Remember Me

In a time before yearbooks were widely available to high school students, a young man or woman might have a personal autograph book. Given to friends, teachers, and classmates to autograph, these books were filled with ‘remember me’ messages and witty poems that can be a priceless treasure today.

Recently I came across one of these autograph books from the early 1940s, which was autographed by many of the then youth of Enterprise. The entries were as funny as they were sweet, and I hope you enjoy reading through them as much as I did.


Green apples are very very bad

But when you don’t get them

It makes you very very mad


I’ll remember you until Santa Claus forgets his pants on Christmas Eve


Flowers may wither

Leaves may die

Friends may forsake you

But never shall I


When you are standing washing dishes

Think and remember me with your wishes

If the water is too hot

Cool it and forget-me-not


In your woodbox of memories, regard me as a chip


I love you oh

I love you so.

I’ll take myself to a picture show

Put my arms around my waist

If I get fresh I’ll slap my face


When twilight pulls its curtains and pins them with a star

Remember that you have a friend no matter where you are


I would like to write in your book

But all my prose my mind has forsook

And all my thoughts with it took


This is a job that’s like ____

But I will write for you

Because I think you are swell


Yours until the stars get drunk on moonshine


A guy from the East

You know the least

A hermit in disguise

Or just another wise guy


Success is my wish

As you’re a Senior of E.H.S


Remember me early and remember me late

Remember me as an old classmate


Boy’s love is like gold

Hard to get and hard to hold

Girl’s love is like snuff

Get a pinch and that’s enough


When you get old and cannot see

Put on your specks and think of me


Remember me till the Bear River has cubs


I am no Northern beauty

I am no Southern rose

I’m just a little Utah girl

With freckles on my nose


I can’t imagine a bird without song

A road without turning as we go along

I can’t imagine a desert that’s cool

A man who is wise becoming a fool

I can’t imagine a life without tears

Of sadness or joy as we live through our years

I can’t imagine the bride without the groom

A silvery lake without trees or a moon

I can’t imagine a blue bird not blue

I can’t imagine me without you


When upon this book you read

When upon this book you frown

Remember the fool who ruined it

By writing upside down


Abide your time

Watch your chance

Catch your man

And wear the pants


When you are old and worried and cross

Come over to my house and have applesauce


Yours until the ocean wears rubber panties to keep its bottom dry


The higher the mountains

The cooler the breeze

The younger the couple

The tighter they squeeze


If in heaven we don’t meet

I hope we both enjoy the heat


I love you little

I love you big

I love you like a little pig


Remember me until Bed spreads, Pillow slips, and Bed springs


Many heartaches

By and by

Might be healed

If you and I

Would care to smile

And not to sigh

When we pass

Each other by

Stacee Seegmiller

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