Enterprise Students Show Respect For Teachers Loss

Enterprise, Utah – Enterprise residence have been through many loses that affect this small community with a ripple of devastation that affects everyone. As a community they also know how to band together to help each in the time of tragedy and sorrow.

Barry and Linda Jones are teachers at Enterprise High School and recently lost their son Mitch Jones to a car accident just outside St. George on Thursday morning. The students affected by this joined together by sending out a mass text asking everyone to wear their church clothes to show respect to the their teachers recent loss. “Let’s come together as a school & show them our support.”

Enterprise High School

Enterprise is a small community that has their small town issues, but brings out the best in people when others are suffering. Emily Anzalone the Drill Team Coach said “It brought tears to my eyes this morning at the high school to see the student body in their Sunday best to honor Barry and Linda’s son.”

As these students joined together to support their teachers, the community also joined together to help the Jones family with dinners, and personal visits. Enterprise High School Principal Rick Palmer said, “we have something special here”.

Regardless if you are from a small town or a big city, take time to show those around you how grateful you are, because our time is short and people need to know that you care.

Enterprise High

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