Enterprise Youth Basketball All-stars Go Undefeated

Enterprise, Utah – Enterprise City has had a successful year of youth sports with their new recreation program. They have grown their sports to include Soccer, Football, Cross Country, and Basketball. The basketball league has given kids opportunities to not only play in the city league, but to join an all-star league to travel to other cities.  

One particular group made up of 4th graders was one of three teams from grades 3rd through 6th that competed against surrounding communities in all-star play. They played a lot of great games and went undefeated. The boys on this year’s team were Callen Adams, Brady Crouch, Jaden Drake, Trey Hawkins, Parker Holt, Dax Hunt, and Treysen Randall.

These boys are little but fierce competitors with some serious skills. Keep an eye on this group as the future of Enterprise high school basketball looks very bright!

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