Farnsworth Selected for 2A Volleyball All-Star Game

Salt Lake City, Utah -The state’s best senior volleyball players gathered Saturday, November 21 at Rowland Hall for the annual Utah Volleyball Coaches Association’s Senior All-Star matches. Among the 12 players selected from 2A, was senior Outside Hitter from Enterprise High Jessica Farnsworth. The 2A team is picked from coaches who watch during the state tournament and afterwards vote on their top players. The 2A team was made up of players from Delta, Kanab, Rowland Hall, South Summit, San Juan, Waterford, Enterprise and Maser Prep.

The 2A team played a talented 1A team combined from Panguitch, Monticello, Milford, and Duchene. They defeated the 1A all stars in four competitive games. Farnsworth said, “they pushed us to four games and played hard, but we had the stronger team.” On both sides of the net was plenty of talent that kept the crowds into the games.

Farnsworth played hard on the floor along with fellow All Star teammates and said “it was a lot of fun playing with those other girls, and I was able to serve for my first time this season”. She had the opportunity to play full rotations which hasn’t happened with the Enterprise Wolves, so it was a  real treat for her to serve and play in the back row.

Farnsworth knows that her personal hard work and working as a team is what helped her be selected by the coaches for the Allstar team. That same attitude is why Enterprise High School has played in their fourth Championship game in four years. Farnsworth has worked hard and expects to be in that final game every year, she said at the first of the year that her goal was to make it to the championship game for her fourth year in a row. Enterprise has learned a lot as a team and they have had great players move through their program with Coach Brian Phelps at the helm.

Enterprise volleyball will continue to dominate with the young talented team left behind and plan on seeing them in several more championship games.

Jessica Farnsworth Career Stats

#24 Jessica Farnsworth SeniorCaptain 6-0 OH
Enterprise (UT) Wolves


Enterprise High School


Year Grade Team SP K K/S Kill % Att E Hit %
Varsity Totals 142 301 2.1 35.2 854 61
15-16 Senior Varsity 52 167 3.2 35.4 472
14-15 Junior Varsity 90 134 1.5 35.1 382 61


Year Grade Team SP A A/S Ace % SA SE Serv % PTS
Varsity Totals 142 0 0.0 .0 0 0 0
15-16 Senior Varsity 52 0 0.0 .0 0 0 0
14-15 Junior Varsity 90 0 0.0 .0 0 0 0


Year Grade Team SP BS BA Tot Blks B/S B/M BE
Varsity Totals 142 84 72 156 1.1 3.1 0
15-16 Senior Varsity 52 24 24 0.5 1.3
14-15 Junior Varsity 90 60 72 132 1.5 4.1 0


Year Grade Team SP D DE D/S D/M
Varsity Totals 142 60 0 0.4 1.2
15-16 Senior Varsity 52 37 0.7 2.1
14-15 Junior Varsity 90 23 0 0.3 0.7

Ball Handling

Year Grade Team SP Ast Ast/S BHA BHE
Varsity Totals 142 1 0.0 3 0
15-16 Senior Varsity 52
14-15 Junior Varsity 90 1 0.0 3 0

Serve Receiving

Year Grade Team SP R RE R/S R/M
Varsity Totals 142 27 1 0.2 0.5
15-16 Senior Varsity 52
14-15 Junior Varsity 90 27 1 0.3 0.8

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