Fasetto Link, A Portable, Personal Cloud

A two inch square, one inch deep, handheld cube, the Fasetto Link (fasetto.link) promises to be your personal cloud you can take with you everywhere.  This means two important things, portable backup and streaming of your content.

With storage space up to 2 TB, this durable, waterproof device connects to your devices, like smart phones and digital cameras, and backs up photos wirelessly.  If your phone, device, or storage card fails, your files are safe in the Link backup.  It also streams those files to smart TVs and TV accessories so you can view and show off those files.
Streaming is important because you can also store music and videos on Link and stream them to multiple devices.  At home it means that different TVs can watch different movies or TV shows.  Music can be streamed to different devices anywhere in its reach.  Additionally, while on those road trips, it can stream audio and video to all those devices in the car.  Is streaming your content not enough?  Optional LTE wireless connectivity will stream the Internet too.
It’s a powerful little cube with an eight-core processor, 802.11ac with both 2.4 and 5 Ghz simultaneous connections, Bluetooth 4 LE, USB-C, and optional LTE.  If you’re totally hooked and want to pre-order, prices start at $349 for 256 GB of storage up to 2 TB of storage for $1,149.  Find out more at https://fasetto.link.
Brett Thelin

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