First 90 Kangaroos released in Wyoming

Our favorite prank from April Fools Day came from Wyoming Migration Initiative and County 10 News from Wyoming. They released a story about Antilopine Kangaroos being released in Wyoming and the people went nuts.

Thomas Owens “This is the stupidest idea I’ve heard of in my 35 year career as a wildlife biologist. The introduction of exotics has nearly always wreaked havoc with native ecosystems! Have we learned nothing from past mistakes?”

Gerry Small “I thought you idiots were concerned about overgrazing. Have you ever been to the interior of Australia? Stop playing God. There are unforseen consequences. Tell Trump and his idiot sons to go to Australia to hunt Kangaroo. Anyone who agrees with the ding bats who are screwing with the land this way should pack up and leave as well.”

Rich Linke “It seems like a bad idea to introduce non native species here. When the wolf was eliminated from Yellowstone it had dire consequences.”

Hundreds of comments poured in and either County 10 News was building a creative marketing campaign or they lost all their follows with this news.

“The Wyoming Wild Game Department (WWGD) partnering with the Wyoming Migration Initiative (WMI) have released the first of 5 planned batches of 90 Antilopine Kangaroos into the Wyoming outdoors.

Dubbed “Project Sage Hopper” by the WWGD team responsible for evaluating the viability of Wyoming’s habitat for Australian marsupials, it has been in the planning stages for 3 years. The goal is two-fold: Create new and interesting wildlife viewing opportunities for tourists, and in several years, potentially provide additional hunting opportunities.”

Kangaroos in Wyoming

Here is the original shot that a photoshop genius re-worked.

It was such a controversy to the people that the Wyoming Migration Initiative released a statement on their facebook page. “Yesterday the folks over at developed and ran an APRIL FOOLS’ joke about kangaroos being introduced into Wyoming. And we played along. Kangaroos were NOT introduced into Wyoming yesterday, nor should they ever be. Many of you were shocked to hear of this development and warned of the ecological consequences of adding an exotic mammal (especially a prolific one) to Wyoming’s native fauna. We appreciate your outrage. Indeed, there is a well-documented record of the detrimental effects that the introduction of species like Norwegian rats, the brown tree snake, European starlings, and wild pigs (just to name a few) have had on native ecosystems.”

Sometimes it is best to leave your pranks at home.

You can read the full article from County10 or read their entire facebook post from Wyoming Migration Initiative

Photos courtesy of Wyoming Migration Initiative

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