Governor’s Effort to Restore Damaged Town Draws Upon Local UDOT Employees

Hildale, Utah –  Local Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) Beryl Junction Maintenance Station workers Kyle Christensen, Curt Flanigan, Justin Hulet and Colby Hunt were among a team of responders called upon by the governor’s office to help restore streets in the flash-flooded town of Hildale.  The flood resulted in the loss of 13 lives in the small community and damaged a major portion of the town’s roads.

Hildale Flood Repair

The men joined peers from 5 other maintenance stations in Southern Utah at the request of the Governor’s Office, working in concert with the Division of Emergency Management, and local authorities.

The ground team of 29 UDOT workers maneuvered heavy equipment, sweepers, trucks and portable variable message boards clearing the way for better movement of response teams and other volunteers while rebuilding hope and infrastructure for a burdened community.

Working long days and through the weekend, the team successfully restored all roadways back to original condition or better within one week from the Governor’s order on September 16th.  -UDOT


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