Gunlock Rodeo Results (Night 2)

Gunlock Rodeo Results July 5, 2014 (Night 2)

1-Junior Breakaway
McKenna McAllister -NT
Oakley Scronce -NT
Macee McAllister -NT
Jacelynn Cornwall -5.44 (3rd)
JaLea Blasingame -NT
Amy Mason -NT
McKinley Drake -3.53 (1st)
Emily Vigoren -4.63 (2nd)
Malone Vause -NT
Gracee Larson -NT

2-Senior Breakway
Codie Richards -3.91
Josie Mitchell -NT
Macy Anderson -NT
Haley Hafen -2.81
Rokelle Reeve -NT
McKenna McAllister -3.32
Jocelynn Cornwall -NT
Kayleen Blasinggame -2.75 (3rd)
Madison Cannon -NT
McKinley Drake -3.87
Shawnee Hafen -4.91
Cailee Hall -2.25 (2nd)
Emily Vigoren -4.00
Lindsay Davis -NT
Ciara Mitchell -NT
Bailee Sleepy -1.50 (1st) New Gunlock Rodeo Record

3-Junior Calf Roping
Cameron Lewis -NT
Kaleb Bowler -NT
Carson Phillips -NT
Brek Sanderson -NT

4-Senior Calf Roping
Kaden Lewis -NT
Dan Stone -NT
Tel Jones -NT
Jade Hafen -10.72 (1st)
Austin Atkin -NT
Justin Reeve -14.78
Carson Phillips -NT
Chad Heaton -NT
Troy Atkin -NT
Garrison Cannon -11.69
Conner Atkin -10.87 (2nd)
Damon Basile -26.97
Tanner Atkin -23.06
Kaleb Bowler -NT
Dax Barnson -16.16
Erik Phillips -NT
Kanton Vause -NT
Andre Basile -14.00
Chase Sullivan -12.50 (3rd)
Jace Mitchell -NT

5-Chicken Chase
Ages 0-6
Ages 7-12

6-Ribbon Roping
Cameron Lewis and Kaden Lewis -NT
Jace Mitchell and Barrett Wyatt -NT
Trent and Tyler Bowler -16.12+10 (3rd)
Justin and Moe Bracken -NT
Tanner Burdick and JJ Dougherty -NT
Carson Phillips and Erik Phillips -NT
Pake Rockhill and Ethan Stewart -42.59
Diesel Dave and Sammy Vu -NT
Zach Vu and Kenny Jones -NT
Bailee Sleepy and Cody Sleepy -NT
Colby and Rooster Hulet -NT
Kaden Holt and Chase Sullivan -15.94 (1st)
Dax Barnson and Dillon Iverson -NT
Tyler Baesi and Fisher Staheli -25.52 (2nd)
Jordan Payne and Dillon Roundtree -NT
Dale Adams and Shawn Snow -NT

7-Youth Boot Race

8-Old Man Calf Roping
Troy and Austin Atkin -NT
TOny and Garrison Cannon -25.40
Moe and Justin Bracken -204.97
Doug and Todd Sorenseon -NT

9-Special Breakaway
Brek Sanderson -3.03 (2nd)
Oakley Scronce -5.66
Blake Bowler -1.66 (New Record)
Cameron Drake -8.06
Corten Hilton -5.29
Tanzee Jones -NT
McCall McAllister -NT
Jessie Vigoren -8.13
Kohl Bowler -NT
TJ Bowler -4.19 (3rd)
Bode Bowler -NT
Caden Drake -11.75
Tristen Hilton -NT
Macee McAllister -4.69
Tres Vigoren -NT
Talmago Taylor -NT
Addie Larson -NT
Hadlee Hunter -NT

10-Donkey Watermelon

11-Special Barrels
Charlie Sanderson (1st)
Paige Bowler (2nd)
Melanie Vigoren (3rd)

12-Junior Barrels
Oakley Scronce -15.750
McCall McAllister-15.421 (4th)
Macy Anderson -17.942
Trinity Scronce -19.885
Adilynn Coughlin -19.786
Dalli Holyoak -15.351 (3rd)
Sarah Brown -18.457
JaLea Blasingame -15.918
Amy Mason -15.483
Hannah Anderson -20.283
Shayler Bracken 20.599
Jocelyn Cornwall -16.069
Cierra Christensen -16.035
Hadlee Hunter -15.272 (2nd)
Dakota King -17.132+5
Mary Rowley -16.975
Emily Vigoren -15.410+5
Kelsie Wulffenstein -18.227
Jessie Vigoren -16.928
Allie Basile 15.400
Amanda White 26.252
McKinley Drake -14.728 (1st)

13-Senior Barrels
Audrey Cannon -15.448 (2nd)
Kyla Hewlett -NT
Macy Anderson -18.247+5
Trinity Certonio -15.918
Gena Greenhall -17.066+5
Kelly Lucht -15.633 (4th)
Riley Hutchings -30.288
Kayleen Blasingame -16.313
Cora Hughes -14.882 (1st)
Lisa Runkle -16.466
Leesa Vaca -18.091
Ciara Mitchell -15.730+10
Taylor Basile -15.649 (5th)
Mariah Dyson -18.912
Erica Dyson -19.888
Tanisha Ford -15.530

14-Mixed Team Roping
Brek and Rick Sanderson -NT
Macee McAllister and Doug Sorenson -NT
McKenna and Jade McAllister -9.40+5
Josie and Jace Mitchell -NT
Kaden and Cameron Lewis -NT
Jade and Haley Hafen -NT
Gena Greenhill and Randy Averett -NT
Cailee Hall and Jason Mock -5.94 (1st)
Kelly Lucht and Kaden Sullivan -NT
Rokelle and Justin Reeve -NT
Kayleen and JaLea Blasingame -NT
Summer and Brad Alexander -NT
Tami and Jim Blasingame -NT
Dalton and Kip Bowler -NT
Kohl Bowler and Conner Atkin -NT
Garrison Cannon and Lindsay Davis -6.07 (2nd)
TJ Bowler and Paden Danklef -NT
Cindy and Tony Cannon -NT
Neil Kent and Emily Vigoren -NT
Blake Bowler and Chase Sullivan -8.60+5
Caden Drake and Dale Adams -NT
Tyler Bowler and Cameron Drake -NT
Kaleb and Collin Bowler -NT
Justin and Moe Bracken -NT
Wyatt Kent and trace Vigoren -NT
Carson and Erik Phillips -7.82+5 (4th)
Codie Richards and Gary Welch -8.31+5 (5th)
Pake Rockhill and Jonathon Jimerson -NT
JJ Schafer and Barrett Wyatt -NT
Sammy Mitchell and Austin Atkin -NT
Ciara Mitchell and Austin Atkin -NT
Tracy Larsen and Grace -NT
Jocelyn and Lance Cornwall -NT
Jordan Payne and Ethan Stucki -10.56+5
Coleman Stillman and Tyler Baesi -NT
Dax Branson and Madison Cannon -NT
Holly Gardner and Ryan Gardner -10.16 (3rd)
McKinley and Chad Drake -15.75
Mark Hilton and Loctlen Hilton -NT

15- Open Team Roping
Macee McAllister and Josie Mitchell -NT
Jace Mitchell and Tyler Bowler -4.81 (1st)
Brek and Rick Sanderson -NT
Kaden and Cameron Lewis -NT
Jade Hafen and Brad Alexander -NT
Gena Greenhall and Kelly Lucht -NT
McKenna McAllister and Blake Bowler – 14.65+5
Jade McAllister and Doug Sorenson -5.91 (3rd)
Randy Averett and Kaden Sullivan -NT
Chad Heaton and Justin Reeve -6.31+5
Austin Atkin and Tanner Atkin -NT
Conner Atkin and Cindy Cannon -NT
Dale Adams and Jim Blasingame -NT
Bronson Blood and Neil Kent -NT
Kaleb Bowler and Carson Phillips -NT
Justin and Moe Bracken – NT
Dax Barnson and Jordan Payne -NT
Collin Bowler and Erik Phillips -NT
Kohl and TJ Bowler -NT
Chad Drake and Lance Vause -5.50 (2nd)
JJ Schafer and Jonathon Jimerson -NT
Lee and Rowdy Snow -6.25 (4th)
Wyatt Kent and Jason Mock -6.03+5
Kanton Vause and Tel Jones -NT
Codie Richards and Gary Welch -9.25+5
Pake Rockhill And Ethan Stewart -NT
Tony and Garrison Cannon -NT
Cailee and Alan Hall -NT
Tyler Baesi and Chase Sullivan -NT
Kenny Jones and Zach Vu -11.97
Sammy Vu and Barrett Waytt -NT
Holly Gardner and Paden Danklef -18.72
Greg Hunter and Ryan Gardner -NT
Bret and Kip Bowler -NT
Ed Bowler and Todd Sorenson -8.43 (5th)


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