How to Get the Most Out of Your Cyber Monday Deals

Incase you missed Black Friday you now have a chance to redeem yourself with Cyber Monday for amazing online deals. Cyber Monday was created to persuade people to shop online and was coined by Ellen Davis the Senior Vice President of the National Retail Federation. Cyber Monday starts on the first Monday after Thanksgiving and started in 2005 when a first sent out a press release that quickly became the biggest online shopping day. In 2014, Cyber Monday saw a record $2.68 Billion over 2013 $2.29 Billion.

Cyber Monday has now become Cyber week as large retailers are jumping on board and the little stores are being forced to come up with better deals and start earlier. Black Friday is now beginning on Thursday and Cyber Monday is starting Sunday night around 8pm. Places like Walmart are starting earlier to give parents a chance to shop before midnight. Shoppers don’t care what day it is anymore, they just want a good deal.

We have put together 10 ways to get the most out of your Cyber Monday deals-

1- Start Early: Most sales will be earlier in the day during work hours, don’t delay or they may be out of stock.

2- Compare Prices: To find the best offers research the items you want most and write down the best offers. Use these handy tools to help; Invisible Hand , Red LaserGoogle ShoppingAmazon (Find these on IOS and Android also)

3- Coupons: Take advantage of all the coupons, rebates, and promo codes.

4- Follow your Favorite places to shop: Sign up for their email newsletters or follow their social media pages to get up-to-date alerts.

5- Plan ahead: Most retailers sites will be slower as traffic increases. Have back up sites ready during loading times

6- Electronics Go Early: Most electronics will have the best prices on Black Friday, so when you see a good deal on Cyber Monday don’t wait, snatch it up when you see it.

7- Free Shipping: Shoppers are demanding free shipping without a minimum purchase so keep your eyes open for those retailers who are making this an option.

8- Shop Fashion: Cyber Monday saw an increase in fashion and footwear sales over 40% compared to Black Friday.

9- Hunt for Deal sites: Don’t make is harder on yourself finding the perfect gift and the right place, use sites like Fat WalletSlickDealsGottaDeal

10- Deals are all week: Remember that Cyber Monday means cyber week. Many retailers like Amazon and others will have week long sales.



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