Kick Off to CES 2016 Tech Trends

Las Vegas, Nevada – It’s time for CES 2016 which runs from Wednesday, January 6 to Saturday, January, as the biggest technology conference of the year. Electronic Giants and start-ups unveil the latest in consumer innovations for the year. Many products announced during the conference never make it much further.

CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology. As the largest hands-on event of its kind, CES features all aspects of the industry spanning more than 2.4 million square feet of exhibit space with over 3,600 exhibitors.

What are you expecting to see as CES in 2016? This year, we expect to see an increase in wearable devices, Drones, Smart Home breakthroughs and VR to step into the next phase. CES is a great way to predict trends in technology and we want to prepare you of what is coming.

80 percent at CES are small businesses and startups with 20 percent top world brands. As the world gathers to thrive on business consumer technology we will be on hand throughout media day and all week to bring you the best in tech trends.


The gadget buzz of CES belongs to drones. Drones are the most demanded gadget of 2016 and to think in 2014 CES only had four companies showcasing drones. 2016 has around 30 companies that will be demonstrating drones and among those are hopeful GoPro as they break into the drone market with their drone “Karma“.  Drones will be much more autonomous with video recording and photography improved at affordable rates.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Qualcomm is working on making drones affordable as they introduce Snapdragon Flight drone technology at CES. This technology will cut the price of the 4K camera drone from $1,200 down to $300 – $400They are seeking to put smarter drones in the sky. Also keep your eyes open for Lily Robotics light drone with a tracking device. Bebop 2 from Parrot will be released in 2016 along with the entry DJI Phantom that was remodeled.

Drones also face a hard reality with rules for airspace safety which includes registering your drone.


The wearable tech industry at CES 2016 will not just be about fitness this year. We have seen smartwatches, wristbands, jewelry and this year we will see more tech embedded into clothing for fashion, families and health. Products to watch for include a new baby sleep monitor that tracks infants sleep by Mimo and the ECG monitor for your heart by Qardio.


Smart Home

The smart home has been gaining popularity at CES each year and now an entire section will be dedicated to showcase these home products. Over 150,000 attendees will get a glimpse into the future of smart homes for anyone looking to upgrade their current home and for those whom are getting ready to build their dream home. Home security will be big in 2016 mixed with wearables to bring you smart healthy homes.

Smartphones and tablets will give you power at your finger tips to home lighting, appliances, irrigation, entertainment and home monitoring that gives homeowners peace of mind while they are away. You won’t find Apple at CES, but they are entering the Smart Home arena to easily transition apple users into the idea of having a digital home.

Directly front view of a smartphone with smart home application on the screen in female hand


Is Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) going to be the be the big thing at CES 2016? They have been part of CES for years, but this year they are adding 40 more exhibitors with 77 perfect more space on the showfloor, CTA reports. Big names like Sony, Voke VR, Oculus, Samsung, and HTC are counting on a 500 percent increase in 2016. Samsung released their mobile Gear VR in 2015 for a sweet $99 while Sony will demo their PlayStation VR systems for the PlayStation4. Make sure to also keep watch for the HTC vive headset that will debut at CES.

Samsung Gear VR

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