Koller Wrestles at Nationals

Kissamee, FL – David Koller a member of the Dixie State Wrestling team along with three other teammates; Pierce Stowman, Daylon Walker and Erik Gonzalez made their way to the NCWA National Wrestling Tournament.

The NCWA was created to fill a gap in today’s wrestling community. Many institutions have lost their NCAA wrestling programs due to budgetary cutbacks or governmental legislation. The NCWA has stepped in to help provide alternative participation opportunities to the increasing number of high school seniors searching for continued wrestling competition in college.

Wrestling is the fastest growing male interscholastic sport, and the NCWA helps to build programs under the student services or recreational sports departments of universities. They provide a national governing body for competition, communication and promotion of collegiate style wrestling.

Koller a Sophomore at Dixie State has worked very hard in the Wrestling program and made it to Nationals early in his schooling and said before he showed up in Florida, “I am physically and mental preparing myself to do the best I can.” This was a learning year for Koller that allowed him to grow and see how intense it really is. Koller wrestled without close teammate JJ Dougherty he left behind, “I am very excited by the opportunity to wrestle at the NCWA National Tournament and the only thing that could make this better would be if JJ was healthy and able to come with me.”

Koller won his first match winning 10-0 then pin in the first period. He lost my second match against the number 4 seed by pin, and lost again in the next round round 6-11 in a tough match. He went 1W – 2L overall. Koller said after his match, “seeing what it’s like is really going to help me next year.”

Wrestler’s Daylon Walker and Erik Gonzalez of Dixie hung in for several rounds making the top 24 wrestlers out of 64.

Teammates JJ Dougherty and Ryan Petersen were both selected to be in National’s but were unable to attend due to injuries from the Conference Championships.

Koller has high hopes of becoming an all-american by the end of his wrestling career, and is well on his way.

Photo: DSU Red Storm Wrestling Facebook

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