Little Miss Pageant Winners

Enterprise City and Miss Enterprise had their annual Little Miss Enterprise Pageant on Saturday, April 22nd.

Pageant Director, Mandy Bollinger shared the importance of why they have the pageant, “Any opportunity to get the youth on the stage and getting over their fear will help benefit them throughout the rest of their lives.”

Each of these girls put in a lot of hard work and time this past week. View the entire performance live below:

Tiny Miss Enterprise
Skye Moyle

1st Attendant
Emma Allen

2nd Attendant
Jailee Madison

Miss Spirit
Whitlee Holt

Miss Sunshine
Maylee Garcia

Little Miss Enterprise
Braylee Allen

1st Attendant
Maizee Madison

2nd Attendant
Cydnee McLeod

Little Miss Spirit
Hadlee Holt

Little Miss Smile
TaKyera Taylor

Little Miss Sunshine
Charlotte Amos

Junior Miss Enterprise
Hannah Amos

Photo: Kim Drake

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