Local Science Winners

Enterprise, Utah – Enterprise High School held their 2016 science fair. The fair was directed by Science teacher Kelli Staheli and had students from 6th grade to 12th grade. The top 5 students from 6th and 7th grade move onto district competition. Older students participate in the science fair to earn extra credit in their classes and to get involved with science.

Staheli spends most of her day running around putting out fires and when asked what projects stood out she said, “All of the kids that participate really do a good job. I am always impressed at how creative they are and the effort that they put into their projects.”

6th Grade
1st – Noah Moyle
2nd – Ashley Jones
3rd – Parker Bollinger
4th – Lindzee Banks
5th – Corden Barlow

7th Grade
1st – Ashton Gardner
2nd Reid Cope
3rd – Ben Banks
4th – Kylien Clark

8th Grade
1st – Averie Staheli
2nd – Bryson Humphries & TJ Bowler
3rd – Trevin Jones & Truman Yardley
4th – Shaylee Reber & Kyndell Hunt

9th Grade
1st – Sam Hiatt & Kamryn Koopmans
2nd – Eryka Crawford & Reagan Tucker
3rd – Ryan Holt & Keldon Nelson

10th Grade
1st – Jessica Holt & Chandler Staheli
2nd – Jarom Schill & Josh Peterson
3rd – Ron Esplin & Garrett Porter

11th Grade
1st – Emily Saunders
2nd – Sherri Platt & Kadee Hulet
3rd – Sierra Rowley & Megan Larson

12th Grade
1st – Calista Jones & Shelby Lyman

Photos by Amber Humphries

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