Miss Enterprise Royalty Attend Washington County Fair Opening Ceremony

WASHINGTON, UT – Washington County officially kicks off their 2016 fair “MORE FUN THAN A BARREL OF MONKEYS” with the ribbon cutting during opening ceremonies. Pageant royalty from each city in Washington County took part in the event as they were introduced by a song, chant or poem. Ivins is the spotlight city at the fair.

Enterprise Royalty consists of Miss Enterprise – Kimber Hess, 1st Attendant – Kayla Jones, and 2nd Attendant – Lacy Drake. Enterprise poem was:

We are here ….the Enterprise Royalty,

To tell you about our fav-orite place…to be.

It is a little town called Enterprise,

It’s big in our hearts our souls and in our eyes.

We have snow, corn, and friendly people too,

A reservoir and fishing are just a few.

We can’t forget our high academic scores,

Why we strive to be the best in sports and even more!

Traditions are important in our little town

that’s why we are excited to wear this special crown.

Enterprise Pageant director Mandi Bollinger said, http://washcofair.net/”They rocked their poem about Enterprise.” The Enterprise royalty have been busy during the week preparing for the fair taking shifts in setting up. They will help judge the cutest baby contest on Friday, and on Saturday they will participate in the parade and perform their talents at the Princess Showcase.

Bollinger works long hours with these girls and helps them at every event they attend. Bollinger said, “So glad that we have such great girls representing our community.”

The fair will continue until the 13th of August and will consist of the aerial assault extreme trampoline show, a family circus, carnival, parade, demolition derby, hypnotist, concerts, boxing, crafts, and so much more. It’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

For more on the fair, visit Washcofair.net

Photos by Mandi Bollinger

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