Missing St. George Teen Reminds Us All to Talk to Our Kids

ST. GEORGE, UTAH – Missing St. George Teen Macin Smith has been missing since September 1, 2015. Macin left his home on his own and has never returned. The video from Gephardt Daily is an open discussion with Macin’s parents Tracey Smith and her husband Darrin Smith talking about the day their son went missing. Watch the video HERE

This video leaves a strong message for all of us to talk to our children. Even though things may be good at home are we taking time to talk to our kids? Tracey Smith shared about the good year they were having in their home while Macin was struggling at home and there were no signs of him being lost.

Macin Smith

When speaking to our children about life we need to be focused on listening and not caught up on getting our point across. Spend time with your kids and make sure conversations are a priority. We have 20 tips that will help when talking to your kids from Child Development Info.

Here are 20 tips for improving the way we talk to our kids:
1 – Use your child’s name
2 – Use positive language
3 – Connect with your child
4 – Use volume appropriately
5 – Suggest options and alternatives
6 – Keep it simple
7 – Keep away from nagging
8 – Model and expect good manners
9 – Be gentle but firm
10 – Ask open-ended questions
11 – Check for understanding
12 – Explain what you want with “I” messages
13 – Give notice
14 – Use enquiry-based listening
15 – Make time for one-on-one conversations
16 – Don’t sweat the small stuff
17 – Be considerate
18 – Show acceptance
19 – Don’t interrupt
20 – Make conversation a priority with your kids

If you have seen Macin or know his whereabouts contact the proper authorities

Macin Smith missing


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