New Year, New Resolutions. Top Resolutions to Make in 2016

We all want to start our New Year’s Resolution’s, but 35% of us give up on them by the 2nd week in January. So here is the trick to helping you stay on track on 2016. When you break your resolution, don’t worry and get right on track again. If you struggle one day, make that your free day and double up the day after.

The way to succeed here is to pick one resolution and focus on that rather than picking 3 or 4 and do all of them poorly. The reason to set a resolution is to change the path we are on and in order to do that you need to create a habit and that takes 30 days.

Here are the top 10 New Year Resolutions for 2016.

1- Lose Weight

2- Get Organized

3- Be Healthier

4- Quit Smoking

5- Get Out of Debt

6- Spend More Time With Family and Friends

7- Travel More

8- Learn a Language

9- Read More

10- Reconnect with Old Friends

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